Attending Pause Fest 2020

Pause Fest 2020 is Melbourne’s leading tech conference, held on February 5-7, 2020.

Tickets are selling fast to this event, which will prove to be bigger and better than last year – a colossal line-up of speakers are set for this year’s event, and the format has been tweaked to improve year-on-year.

The “creator” tickets that are available are for the fresh, often tech-driven firms and start-ups that are seeking to market their ideas or accelerate growth with scalable business models. They are accepting applications on a case-by-case basis.

You can apply to partake in the Demo Booth, Pause Start-up Pitch Comp and to attend the Founders Night party.

Ultimately, they aspire for you and your plan to get to the next level, generate a positive influence, and conquer the world! This is one way you can get tremendous traction to keep you and your business moving forward.


They have a purpose of inspiring passionate encounters between future developers from diverse areas and industries, all in the honour of innovation.

Australian innovation festival, Pause Fest 2020, is a place that you need to go to that helps you find yourself, then, lose yourself. You come out reset as you obtain an invaluable new network of mentors who will assist you in building that crazy idea into a real business.

Your Creator ticket will gain you all-access to 2,000 future builders from around the world, with over 200 speakers and more than 30 international knowledge leaders, top multi-nationals, scale-ups and over 50 partners – all for just $149 – guaranteed to be worth every penny.


Save a spot at the heart of their Tech Garden Expo now.

The Start-up Expo section can host ten start-ups per day. Exhibit your product or service to the highly refined and expert audience of 2,000 future builders from the creative, tech and business industries.

This showcase event is just a fifth of any regular expo costs, and it incorporates the full festival admittance you receive with your Creator ticket.

Here’s a fun fact for you – Canva, Zero Latency, and Girls in Tech Australia were all able to launch their organisations at Pause Fest! There’s a good chance that your business could be next.


Get your start-up into the stratosphere. All you need to do is win the three rounds to claim the first prize. Sounds easy right?

There are three tests; the first is called programming selection; round 2 is where you face a panel of experts on your pitch day at the event: and, third, you will convince their top investors on the main stage that your idea is the one they need to support. Go big, or go home!

Apply for this pitch competition through the Creator ticket sign up process, but get in early, because chosen start-ups will get notified in early January 2020. The grand prize will get announced closer to the event, but what more value can you get from pitching your product in an environment like this? Creative festivals are a great means for sharing ideas!


“Speed Date Mentoring Sessions” make up the perfect chance to meet with international experts in one-on-one sessions for 10 minutes and talk about leadership, strategy, marketing, growth, exits, funding or even to get a bit of friendly advice.

“Deal Room” is a new format that they will roll out exclusively for start-ups. This mainly consists of investor meetings. They will allow two founders to meet one-on-one with well-known investors for 30 minutes in one seating. Appointments will be open mid-January 2020.


For the 2020 edition of Pause Fest, they are turning the festival’s opening night to what they call the Founders Night.

They want start-up founders to come together, party with like-minded people and celebrate all things entrepreneurship. Business and beers, what more could you want? The mystery location will be revealed in early January.


At only $149, the Creator ticket gives total three-day access to the entire festival day and night, all talks and networking sessions. Additionally, you get to participate in what they have termed “Speed-Date Mentoring”, The Deal Room and Start-up Pitch Competition.

Exclusive for early-stage founders, designers, students, developers who are looking to expand their circles and tap into a more extensive network that will help them commercialise their ideas. It’s a great platform for helping to discover co-founders, mentors or investors, build new skills and get peer-to-peer advice and inspiration.

Note: This ticket is for those who are looking to start a business but are not in a position to afford full-priced tickets. Fully-formed companies, small businesses and cash-positive start-ups are exempt from this ticket tier.

To founders looking for new experiences, traction, co-founders, connections, mentors and investors, build your future with them.

Join their start-up community this year.