Corporate event

Do’s and Don’ts to consider when you hire a band for a corporate function

Hiring a band for your corporate function is an important way to spice up the occasion. The live performances of such a band can bring some necessary vibe to the corporate function. But care should not only be given to the entertainment furnished on the occasion but also on the importance of the occasion and how nothing should be allowed to detract from the ideals of the occasion. A corporate function is an event organized for business or other related official reasons. It may be for product launching, brand awareness, and several other reasons. For this reason, any musical band hired for the event should be one that will enhance the beauty of the event.

Wise steps to take when hiring a music band for your corporate functions

Do’s: be sure that the musical band is fitting for the occasion. The kind of band musicians you should invite to your corporate event should be one that is keeping with the ideals and philosophies of your corporate occasion. Entertainment agencies typically offer multiple genres and types of bands to fit your event. If it is a product you are launching or promoting, then the image of the band you invite to your corporate event should resonate or harmonies with the image of your brand. You cannot be promoting a product and business image that portrays decency and decorum with a band that reeks of indecency and vulgarism. So be sure of the identity of the band you are hiring. Ensure that you have watched then play on a similar corporate occasion like your own and be sure that the effects their performance had on the audience present on the occasion is the effect you want to achieve in yours.

Don’t assume that the musical band will be suitable for your event: Just because they are one of the most well-known wedding music bands, it is not a guarantee that they will conduct themselves according to the demand of the occasion. Be hands-on in the issue and ascertain that they will provide the right music, conduct, and entertainment that befits the glory of your social function.

Do establish the right contract, and make exigency plans:

Before hiring a musical band for your social function, be sure that you are certain of the cost of hiring them for the corporate function. This will include all the extra charges associated with their presence and providing entertainment at the venue. There should also be liabilities in the contract signed so that each party will be sure of parts to be played and the consequences of not keeping to the agreement. You should also make exigency plans in case of a disappoint or other unforeseen circumstances.

Don’t: Don’t assume that you are sure of anything. Contracts define the clear boundaries each one should follow and the consequences of not keeping to the defined commitment.


Do’s: The musical band should help in promoting the course of the corporate function. The band should be willing to buy into the philosophy of the corporate function and contribute their quota in promoting it. All the ideals and philosophies of the corporate functions should be reflected in their choice of songs and conduct throughput the corporate occasion. The musical band should also be willing to follow the instructions of the organizer of the corporate function in other to ensure that they understand what they can do to contribute to its success.

Don’t allow them to try to figure out how to conduct themselves and their music during the corporate function: Brief them on what the corporate function is all about and on what is expected of them during the occasion. As far as your corporate event mean so much to you, you should try your best to ensure that the musical band you hire for the occasion is in the same frequency with you in doing all they can to contribute to the success of your corporate event.