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The Best Apps Used to Consume News

Globalisation is changing the way we live and work. Our new connectedness means we are no longer living in the stone age (or remote era). For that reason, we have gotten rid of the old ways of consuming news, entertainment and reports of current events. Now, there are more sophisticated and contemporary ways of consuming news from all around the globe. We’ve gone from watching the news on TV at 6 pm to using cool popsockets to consume news on our phone wherever we are. But how can you keep up with the news from that many sources? And how can you know what news sources are 100 per cent genuine? Of course, you can never be sure of this. However, you probably knew that already. On the other hand, though, there is a lot of fake news spread all over the internet – so we need to be very careful. Due to these fake news articles, you can witness chaos and bedlam everywhere. It is our fault, as a society, as we are the ones who originated the new-fangled sources of news and updates. And it is up to us to overcome this issue in order to get rid of chaos and anarchy.

It does not mean that we have to leave behind all the modern means of consuming news and updates. But we need to learn how best to use these technologies. So, to get rid of the irreversible consequences, what you have to do is as follows: 

  • Make use of social media applications in a positive manner. Ignore the rubbish and believe only in the fact-checked news
  • Create a differentiation line between the actual “fact” and an “opinion”.
  • Make yourself a frequent user of such authentic applications that prohibits the publication of news that create chaos and confusion.
  • Install applications in your phone that are designed to provide you with only the most genuine and authentic updates.

Are you wondering which apps have the most genuine news? Don’t worry!  Below we have listed some of the best applications that you can use to consume daily news. 


It is an application that you can trust with authentic and valid news and updates. And it is available for free in the Google Play store. 


Most of you are probably already well aware of the Flipboard features. It is an application for Android and iPhone cell phones. Flipboard provides you with news and updates in quite an interesting way. Basically flip the “pages” on your phone, and you won’t get bored reading the news. Since you are using many quick finger movements, it might be good to use a phone holder to ensure you don’t drop your phone. 


Do you get bored watching the news that does not match your interest? If your answer is yes, then I recommend you get the Yahoo News app installed on your phone. It enables you to customize the theme of the news that you want to watch.


It is another application that is available for free in the market. Feedly is one of the most popular applications that is used for this purpose.


Drippler is a free application for Android phones that can help you to get true and realistic updates.


This is a versatile and feasible application that provides you with news and updates. It also tenders you to add news to its online-reader feature.


Smart News is a very smart application. It also displays all the different channels you can access. You can watch and read the news updates according to your own schedule. 


Twitter provides you with a vast platform on which you can consume and share news and updates. The app informs you about all current happenings around the globe, from sport and entertainment to news and current affairs. 


Inoreader is another top-notch application that can provide you with all the latest updates according to the area of your interest. And it’s free!


Pocket is another versatile application that offers you all the latest updates and news. Pocket helps you to save the news or articles in it and can read it later when you have some spare time. Create a basic account or free or pay a small fee for the premium version (that comes with extra benefits and features).