The Buffet Guide


While at one stage it was a distinctive quality of Swedish dine out experience, the buffet style of serving is synonymous with the notion of a contemporary restaurant. If your restaurant is not your regular a la carte, we have assembled a series of hints to be sure you have the formula just perfect.


It is a misconception to think that the’ term ‘buffet’ may be utilized as a blanket definition — there are several kinds of the buffet, in the all-you-can-eat Selection to more complex offerings:

  • All-You-Can-Eat Buffet – This buffet style is very well known all over the world, and has basically been the symbol of the archetypal buffet restaurant. It is literally ‘what you see is what you get’ using a set cost providing you with access to just as much food as you can deal with. In Hobart, you can find this buffet style as the breakfast option in most hotels around Hobart.
  • Cafeteria Buffet – This fashion of buffet is a bit less common and normally is not a free-for-all. You pick up everything you need and pay-per-item in the till. As an alternative, you can choose from a choice of merchandise and cover a set price based on your grouped options – sandwich + soup meal, for instance.
  • Buffets to the Special Event – A la carte restaurants can perform the buffet as part of a marketing or special event. By way of instance, a Christmas package for local businesses and organizations around Sydney. Maybe a brunch during Mother’s Day for groups of moms in Melbourne, or if the restaurant allows the booking of wedding venues, the food for a wedding in Hobart.
  • The Catered Affair – restaurants should not always function on the assumptions. Catered buffets are an excellent way to create additional business for your institution. They are especially popular with companies organizing staff occasions. If you’re able to turn into the go-to bride for merely a couple of companies, it is likely to make a very healthy gain really.


If some of the aforementioned buffet designs sound like something that you wish to use in your restaurant or café, another step is placing all of the components together. It is not necessarily easy to have things you do not want things to appear tacky – therefore you have to approach with care.


Let us face it, buffets are not necessarily the tidiest of affairs. That is the reason you need to use table toppers and skirts to decorate your tables and keep them secure. Remember that you are likely to require linen that’s constructed from durable materials in order that they can withstand the inevitable battering. Stick to providers that have expertise delivering to restaurants and cafes or you might end up needing to substitute things on a really regular basis.


Straightforward hints which you use together with your desk numbering system may also be implemented together with your buffet. However many buffet-specific goods are going to have an embedded signal which enables simple identification of meals.


Your buffet meals exhibits have three clear goals:

  • Maintain the meals hot
  • Be simple (and secure ) for clients to utilize
  • Appear Decent

Search for warmers, trays, and metal display stands from the very same manufacturers in the event that you can — that will prevent difficulties with mismatching or impractical setups. Online providers appear to get this down to a tee, and therefore do a bit of research and proceed to get a trusted supplier.

For cakes, it is actually relatively simple. Your preferred provider will be managing such requests ad infinitum, so they will have particular products which will enable simple displays of cakes onto a buffet. Bear in mind, adhering with tried and tested products can make your task much simpler!


Many restaurant and cafe owners struggle with the issue of proper sizing and steps, basically when considering food prep for buffets. Even though this is indeed an important question, it is comparable to asking about the period of this part of the string. Even in the event that you’re able to predict how many clients you are likely to have, part sizes may vary greatly. Many times, the best path to take is just preparing a lot of the meals soon before buffet-time, and ongoing to prepare throughout this period (thus the incidence of lunch-time and happy hour buffets). Additional information will be to prepare food which may be maintained easily or maybe ready quickly. Lots of foods, fried foods, and economical consumables, for example, rice, pasta, and bread-based dishes function superbly for several buffets.

Start small and build up as is needed. Learn from experience and you’re going to discover the ideal formula as time passes. The important thing is keeping tabs on how your institution runs beneath every configuration and reacting appropriately.


Running a buffet in your own food company can pose numerous food security risks. Buffets frequently include product displays of cold and hot food, in addition to food stored at room temperature, meaning that maintaining a close watch on the time and temperature control is indispensable.

Buffets that offer potentially hazardous foods (for example, fish and dairy products) may be insecure as germs flourish in these kinds of food and may reach harmful levels fast. And members of the public frequently have limited food security skills and knowledge and might contaminate food things without realizing.