Gift Guide For Newlyweds

Gift Guide For Newlyweds

There’s nothing more exciting than when your friends or family members are getting married. Big parties, flowers and cakes – what more could you want? Getting together with all your close friends to celebrate the wedding of someone you love is always a good idea.

However, as much as we love celebrating and party – finding the perfect gift is not always as easy. Lucky for you, we’ve created the perfect gift guide for newlyweds! Have a read about our journey to the south, for inspiration…

Tasmania – the heart of romance in Australia

In order to find the right inspiration for this gift guide, we had to visit some of the most romantic places in Australia. And where better to start than on a beautiful Island? We visited some of the best hotels in Tasmania to speak with the masters of romance – the honeymoon and wedding planners.

Option 1: A personal gift

One of the best ways to show someone that you love them – is to give them a personal gift. That way you are showing that you care and that you know who the person really is. It’s a way of showing that you know their passions and pains, and exactly what will make them happy. This could be anything from a photo album or scrapbook to a speciality book or cooking class.

Option 2: A giftcard

Giving a gift card is a great way to show support for a newly wedded couple. No doubt will they be going on a holiday – but marriage often comes with bigger changes than that. The new couple might want to splurge on a new piece of furniture, get a pet or even start a family. Either way, a gift card gives them the option of choosing their own present. Our recommendation is to buy the gift card at a nice interior shop or home depot.

Option 3: An experience

This was a favourite amongst many of the staff we spoke to. What could be better for a newly wedded couple, than to experience something unique and romantic together? Imagine checking into a luxurious spa resort in Tasmania to relax after your big day…not bad at all, we say! A good tip is to pair up with other friends or family and give a more expensive experience, to really let the couple feel spoiled!

Option 4: Money

Admittedly, this might not feel like the most creative present, but the truth is that money is what many newlyweds desire the most. Not only have they just spent thousands of dollars on their special day, but they are also likely planning a trip to celebrate. Some people even choose to get married overseas, which increases their costs even more. It’s usually good to check with the couple before giving money, to make sure it’s what they want. Make sure you still give a nice card and call it something like “travel funds” or “renovation funds” to make it a bit more fun.

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