How to Run a Pop-up Store

How to Run a Pop-up Store

While many business owners and new-age marketers prefer to invest in an online presence, the introduction of pop-up stores is becoming more prevalent in today’s society. So what are they really about? A pop-up store is a temporary storefront operated by merchants and brands that do not have a physical location. These short-term retail spaces allow potential and existing customers to see and try new products among other things. Seeing that more than 90% of sales are still generated online, this provides an opportunity to build awareness and interact with your customers. In addition, they are very cost-effective when compared to the cost of setting up a traditional store. How can you efficiently operate a pop-up store? Keep reading to find out.

Sort out paperwork

Even though the storefront is temporary, you still have to tackle some legal hurdles. After all, you are still running a business and as such you have to abide by the laws outlined. Talk to the owner of the space, discuss permits, store policies and signing the relevant agreements before going any further. 

Find the right location

Once the paperwork is done, the next step is to locate the ideal spot to set up shop. More companies are investing in online marketing because it is an effective strategy to raise brand awareness while cutting costs that would normally apply to traditional marketing approaches. However, if you plan on running a successful pop-up store, you have to choose a place where you can get the most from what you have to offer. Using luxury women’s robes as an example, it would be wise to do some research into where most people go to buy luxury loungewear and make a game plan based on your results. 

Get social media involved

­In addition to making money, another objective of a pop-up store is to get people talking about it and spreading the word. There are not many options that beat social media and seeing that the majority of your business is based online, half of the work is already done. Get a buzz going with your followers and subscribers so they get the word around that will generate lots of traffic when you finally open. These same people would appreciate the chance to walk in and see some of the things they were checking out on Instagram or YouTube. Fashion items like personalised sleepwear are successfully advertised on platforms like these.

Use your space wisely

When people step into your pop-up store, the use of space is one of the first things that will catch their attention. Bear in mind that your customers are already familiar with traditional stores and the fact that you bring a new look and feel to the shopping experience, you are on the right track. For example, the first 5 – 15 feet inside your store is where people transition from outside to being relaxed inside. That area is called the decompression zone and items in this area normally get overlooked. Keep items out of this zone to avoid this problem. 

Make notes

The world of marketing is constantly changing and for you as the store owner, this means you need to change with the times. The truth of the matter is that everyone will form their own opinion based on what they thought of your pop-up store and what it had to offer. This is an opportunity for your customers to provide feedback. Mind you, it will not always be positive and that is a good thing because you can go back to the drawing board and make improvements that can spill over to your online platform as well. This will only generate more business and keep existing customers coming back. 

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